+ What is Strikethru?
Strikethru is a simple productivity system to help you capture, prioritize and then work through your to-dos.

+ Can I use the system with a to-do app like Todoist?
Of course. I find I work better with paper and pen but whatever works for you.

+ Why are there only 9 spaces in The Live List?
Do you really have more than 9 things to do right now? If you do you can always expand into The Vault. However, I would be more inclined to focus on the top 9 things you need to do. If you get through them in a day you're doing well!

+ Why is it called Strikthru?
It's an alternative spelling to the word strikethrough and draws focus on getting lines through your tasks. Striking your to-dos off a list can be deeply rewarding and therapeutic compared to checking items off...well it is for me anyway :-)