I wish I could tell you I've been using Strikethru for years and my life works like clockwork. 

The truth is, in June 2015 my life was a mess.

  • I'd just taken delivery of 2000 notebooks from a Kickstarter project I had created at the start of the year. Every single one needed to be packaged and shipped by hand.
  • I'd just taken on a manager role on top of my current coordinator role in work.
  • I was due to move house in the summer.
  • I had an 8 month old son who was starting to get his crawl on.

So I began looking for something to help bring order to my life.

I couldn't find something that worked for me, so I made my own system based around one to-do list each day and I called it Strikethru. 

You can find out more about how it works or set your own system up now.

Cheers, Chris