Strikethru Notebook

Strikethru Notebook


A new way to get more done.

The Strikethru notebook is based on the humble to-do list. But it's more than just a to-do list, it's an analog system for handling anything life throws at you. It's the best way to get paper productive.

Strikethru is slightly smaller than a standard A5 notebook. It will easily slip it into a coat pocket, handbag or rucksack. The width has been specially designed (122mm) so it can fit in the average hand. You're looking at your hand right now aren't you? Don't worry it fits :-)

Check your highest priority tasks in seconds with the front mounted elastic marker. No faffing. No swiping. Just twang and go straight to what needs done right now and go do it. There's also a ribbon marker so you can skip to any specific Vault or Dump page you're working on.

he cover of the Strikethru notebook is a thing of beauty. It's a smooth leatherette finish that actually gets better with age. But don't let the pretty appearance fool you, it is hard wearing despite being soft to the touch.


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